The safety of our staff and patrons is of the utmost importance to us here, at Ski Ben Eoin!

Covid-19 Updates

We are working closely with Public Health and the other Atlantic Ski Resorts to make sure that we all have a unified approach to the opening and operation of our beloved ski resorts this winter. As we move forward into the ski season, we will continue to keep the public updated on our Covid-19 protocols, using this page. Our practices will look very similar to those of many other business establishments, and may change from time to time, as advised by Publich Health. Please check back often for possible updates!

To keep up-to-date on Nova Scotia’s Covid-19 response, visit Nova Scotia Public Health here

  • Masks will be mandatory both inside and outside the building (unless enjoying a bite to eat or grabbing a drink)


  • Wherever and whenever possible, visitors will be required to stay 6ft apart.
  • Bathrooms will allow a limited number of visitors at one time.  

Mountain Safety


You will find the Alpine Responsibility Code posted in several places around the mountain. It is imperitave that riders read, understand, and adhere to the Alpine Responsibilty Code in the interest of keeping the facility as safe as possible. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to stop one of our Ski Patrol representatives to ask for more information!

Ski Patrol


If you’re not familiar with them, our Ski Patrol team are the folks who take care of our safety concerns here, at Ski Ben Eoin. They monitor the runs to make sure that visitors are adhering to the Alpine Responsibility Code, the point out and address any possible safety concerns, erect snow fencing, and much more! They are invaluable members to our team, and they are always happy to help! Be sure to say hello to our red jackets when you see them on the mountain! 

Interested in Joining the team? The next training session begins on November 15th, 2020! Contact Nova Scotia Zone Ski Patrol at for more information.